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Environmental Policy

Paxton & Whitfield has been a family business for over 200 years. As a high profile and well respected independent retailer we recognise our responsibilities towards the environment, the community, our customers, our employees and our suppliers. We believe in the importance of environmental protection and improvement for the long term sustainability of us all and also because it makes commercial sense. We recognise that our business activities have direct and indirect environmental impacts and try to manage them in a responsible way.


Through employee cooperation and efficient management procedures we undertake to:

  • Reduce our environmental impact in areas such as energy, waste reduction and recycling, packaging and paper use, transportation of people and products
  • Manage our buildings to minimise the environmental impact of our activities
  • Promote and encourage environmental awareness and best practice among our staff, suppliers and customers
  • We will review our performance regularly across all our locations and so identify further actions that should be taken

We will only source and stock the best quality products . We support small suppliers of excellent quality goods, always buying to quality rather than price. We promote traditional and artisan methods of production, doing our best to keep local traditions alive and profitable.

We stock a number of organic cheeses but do not choose products just because they are organic. Since we are generally working with small scale producers, even where products are not certified as organic the production ethos will be in line with organic production.

We are GM free and insist as far as possible that our goods are free of chemicals.