Cheese Wedding Cakes

Celebrate in style with a speciality cheese wedding cake made from the finest English and Continental cheeses. Our mouth-watering collection of cheese wedding cakes is the perfect accompaniment to your special day and a delicious addition or alternative to a traditional fruit cake. Choose from our range of suggested cheese cakes for weddings or compile a personalised cheese cake from your own favourites.
848 - La Manche

La Manche

Five classic cheeses representing some of the best from both sides of the Channel. To serve approximately 220 people.

Combining the traditions of France and the innovations of England, a classic and colourful cheese wedding cake;. To serve approximately 220 people. Ideal as a centre piece at a wedding or indeed any large celebration.

The diameter of the base cheese (Montgomery Cheddar) is approximately 32cm.

Please note we require at least three weeks notice to supply this Cheese Cake.

This cake consits of:

St Maure PDO min wt 250g x 6. A full flavoured goats cheese, which holds a rye straw bearing the name of its producer.
Coulommiers min wt 500g x 4. Dating back as far as Brie de Meaux, this is a very traditional cheese. Soft and white, it has a pronounced earthy smell
Shropshire Blue min wt 3.5kg A smooth textured blue cheese with a rich, rounded flavour and distinctive blue veining through the russet interior.
Cornish Yarg min wt 2.5kg. Deliciously fresh in flavour, creamy under the rind and crumbly at the core, this Cornish cheese is wrapped in nettles.
Montgomery Cheddar PDO min wt 7kg. A mature cheddar that has a long and complex flavour. Characteristically drier and nuttier than other Cheddars

NB Decorations not included.

Not for export  PLU: 848
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