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842 - Monbazillac


A delicious dessert wine. An ideal partner for many cheeses especially blue cheese.

This is a delicious dessert wine from vineyards overlooking the Dordogne. An ideal partner for many cheeses especially Roquefort, Fourme D'Ambert and Bleu D'Auvergne or, in fact, any dessert. Only available to customers aged 18 and over.

The Paxton & Whitfield Monbazillac shows its quality over many others with the underlying vein of fresh, fruity acidity which cuts through the sweetness to stop the wine from being cloying as some can be.
One of the most famous flavour pairings in the world of cheese and wine matching is that of ‘Noble’ sweet wines such as Monbazillac or Sauternes drunk with the saltiest of blue cheeses like Roquefort. Salt and sweet make a great pairing as the opposing flavours bring out the best in each other. As such this will also work with other strong blues like Bleu D’Auvergne, Blue Vinney or Picos as well as long matured cheeses like vintage cheddar or aged Gouda.

Not for export  PLU: 842

Key Facts

  • Country Made In France
  • Weight 500ml
  • ABV 13% Vol

Store & Serve

  • StorageStore in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Instructions for useServe Chilled
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