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Cheese for Two - Cheese Gift

Cheese for Two - Cheese Gift

A wonderful gift of cheese and accompaniments; perfectly sized for two people.


Artisan Cheese & Accompaniments for Two

A delicious cheese treat for two people - a complete cheese course, which provides plenty of leftovers to enjoy it all over again!

Your 'Cheese for Two' Selection Contains:

  • Paxton & Whitfield Mini Waxed Stilton PDO 225g: Made especially for Paxton and Whitfield, our Mini Waxed Stilton is rich and herby with a lasting after taste. 

  • Paxton & Whitfield Celtic Soft 200g: A mild and creamy, soft cheese with distinctive hints of mushroom. It's deliciously buttery texture and long after taste, makes it perfect on top of a cracker, or to be baked as a warming treat. 

  • Paxton & Whitfield Smoked Ceodre 200g: A mild, creamy cheddar which is naturally smoked over oak chips, giving a delicious, smokey flavour.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Black Garlic Pickle 110g: Black garlic cloves are slow-cooked for 6 weeks to create the base of this deeply umami, caramelised pickle. A sensational accompaniment to artisan cheese.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Poppy & Linseed Artisan Biscuits for Cheese 150g: Ideal with strong flavoured hard and soft cheeses, these light, buttery biscuits are packed with poppy seeds and linseeds, lending them a nutty, toasted flavour.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Multiseed and Cracked Black Pepper Artisan Toasts for Cheese 100g: Deliciously crunchy, twice-baked gourmet sodabread crackers with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds and cracked black pepper.

All Paxton & Whitfield deliveries are packaged with 100% sheeps’ wool insulation and reusable icepacks and send on an overnight delivery service for an impressive and fresh arrival. You can add a personalised gift message to be printed on a Paxton & Whitfield gift card. Order now and reserve your delivery date on the last page of checkout. 

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