Make Your Own Continental Cheese Board

Make Your Own stylish Continental Cheese Board. We provide the cheese and accompaniments, plus instructions to assemble them into this impressive Cheese Platter to WOW your guests.


New for 2019! Creative cheese platters to wow your guests and so simple to create. We'll send you all the cheeses and accompaniments pictured, as well as a detailed instruction card explaining how to cut the cheeses and assemble the board.

Our Continental Cheese Board is a classic selection of cheeses from France & Spain, including Manchego Vintage 250g, Camembert de Normandie 250g, La Buchette 150g, Fig Ball 250g, Quince Cheese 140g, Muiltiseed & Pepper Cracker Bakes 100g and instruction card.

The completed cheese board serves 6-8 people.

You can purchase the board and knives separately to create the look. As featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine and The Telegraph Newspaper.

PLU 490


Camembert de Normandie
Camembert De Normandie
Camembert was created in 1791 in Normandy. Some sources claim it was invented by Marie Harel who was a farming woman in Camembert, Orne, who helped a fugitive priest who was escaping the "Terror". In return for refuge, he taught her...
Quince Cheese
Quince Cheese
Known as "Membrillo" in Spain, this finest Quince is made only from natural ingredients. A perfect companion to many cheeses especially Manchego. Also delicious served with cold meats or even ice cream.
Fig Ball
Fig Ball
Delicious figs from Southern Italy, that have been slowly baked and wrapped in their own leaves. A perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard or cold meat selection.
Multiseed & Pepper Cracker Bakes
Multiseed & Pepper Cracker Bakes
Deliciously crunchy, twice-baked gourmet sodabread crackers with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds and cracked black pepper. Ideal on their own or with hard cheeses. Our Cracker Bakes are made to exclusive recipes in a...
La Buchette Cheese
La Bûchette
La Buchette is produced in the Tarn Valley by a couple who set up their traditional business 25 years ago. Le Pic collect milk daily from 5 goat producers in the vicinity, all of whose goats graze on the local undergrowth and scrub and...