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Strictly Cheese Night - Cheese Tasting at Home

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Our "Strictly Cheese Night" cheese tasting pack is an artisan cheese experience for 4-6 people to enjoy at home. More can join in with more packs, or even via videoconference with a pack per household.


Artisan Cheese Tasting Experience at Home!

Our cheesemongers have compiled this artisan cheese tasting experience for you to enjoy at home, or over videoconference (order separately for each household if you're hosting a virtual party).

A fun twist on your traditional cheese board and a unique gift idea. Each cheese tasting box contains plenty for 4-6 people to enjoy. 

The experience is complete with scorecards and helpful tasting notes, so that each participant can rate the cheeses based on texture, aroma appearance and flavour. You don't need to be a cheese expert - there are no right or wrong answers - it is all down to your personal preference. 

You can total up the scores from your party to find your overall cheese champion! 

Your Cheese Tasting Pack includes:

Gruyere Premier Cru 250g: Aged for a minimum of 12 months, this Swiss Gruyere is dense in texture, with a fruity, floral flavour that lingers in the mouth.

Brillat Savarin Affine 200g: A French triple cream cheese - soft texture with a delicate flavour and a rich creaminess stemming from the additional cream. 

Pennard Ridge 250g: A hard goats' milk cheese with an open texture & a fresh flavour developing to show fruity hints & nutty ending

Crozier Blue 250g: A creamy mild blue cheese with the distinctive sweetness of sheeps milk. It matures to a piquant, full blue flavour

Cheese Tasting Scorecards: A pack of 12 Paxton & Whitfield cheese scorecards including handy cheese tasting tips.  The remaining scorecards can be used to play again with your next purchase of cheese!

Select your delivery date when you go to checkout. Your cheeses will be hand-cut, hand-wrapped and packaged into our Paxton & Whitfield transit box - insulated with Woolcool; a revolutionary, totally compostable and biodegradable insulation and chilled with fully recyclable and re-usable ice packs.


Crozier Blue
Crozier Blue
Crozier Blue has a smooth, creamy, yet firm, texture and a distinctive, not overpowering, blue cheese flavour, with a pleasant saltiness and slight nutty notes. Crozier Blue has been developed as a joint venture between Louis and Jane...
Pennard Ridge Cheese
Pennard Ridge
Hard Goats' Milk Cheese with a Fresh Flavour Pennard Ridge is a hard goats’ milk cheese; made to a Caerphilly recipe. Prior to maturation, the cheeses are pressed for a period of 24 hours, before being placed in a brine bath for...
Brillat Savarin Affine
Brillat Savarin Affine
Rich & Creamy Brillat Savarin Cheese Brillat Savarin is a triple crème cows’ milk cheese made in Burgundy. Triple crème means that cream is added to the whole milk before the cheesemaking process starts. The cheese is shaped...
Gruyere Premier Cru Cheese
Gruyere Premier Cru
3-time Gold World Cheese Award Winning Gruyere Originally Gruyere cheese was only made in and around the Swiss town of Gruyere which was founded in the canton of Fribourg by the religious counts who settled there in the 9th Century....