Summer Celebration Cheese Cake

A tiered celebration cheese cake made from four fantastic artisan cheeses. To serve 80 - 100 people.


A cheese wedding or celebration cake, featuring four truly outstanding, artisan cheeses. This tiered cheese cake serves 80 - 100 people and makes an impressive centre piece for any celebration. 

The base cheese is our handmade Caerphilly Gorwydd (minimum weight 4kg). Measuring approximately 24cm, the Caerphilly has a distinct creamy outer layer near the rind and crumbly, citrus flavoured centre.

Second tier of the cheese cake is Rachel (minimum weight 2kg). Rachel is a semi-hard goats' milk cheese that is washed in a brine solution through its maturation. Rich and nutty in flavour.

Cashel Blue is the third tier (minimum weight 1.6kg). A mellow, subtle and creamy blue cheese handmade on a family farm in County Tipperary.

Last but not least, the top cheese tier is the delicious, cows' milk cheese Brillat Savarin. The cheese is coated in a light penicillin mould giving it the appearance of snow. The texture is soft and the flavour is light and delicate but with a rich creaminess stemming from the additional cream.

You can reserve your cheese cake online for a delivery date in the future - simply select your delivery date when you go to checkout. Please request a delivery date at least 2 weeks from ordering, to allow our cheesemongers to select the best whole cheeses for you. 

The flowers are not included with the celebration cheese cake. Rosemary and Lavender sprigs can be a really effective and simple design feature, fresh fruits & berries can also add a touch of colour. If you'd like to match your wedding colours, you can tie ribbons around each tier, or ask your florist to create a small arrangement to sit on top of your cake. You can also go neutral with raffia ribbon and let the cheese do the talking, however take care to avoid a ribbon which may drop threads onto the cheese. Some couples like to add one of our slate cheese markers to label each tier and add tealights to each tier or around the base.

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Caerphilly Gorwydd
Caerphilly Gorwydd
Caerphilly cheese originated in Wales because as a 'territorial' cheese, specific environmental conditions such as rainfall, humidity and mould types were beneficial to making this type of cheese. However, its manufacture almost died...
Rachel cheese
Rachel has a warm reddish orange colour on the crust with a pale, supple interior and a flavour that is not overly 'goaty' but nutty and mellow.  It is perfect for those who like a full flavoured cheese but who struggle with the...
Cashel Blue CHeese
Cashel Blue
Cashel Blue is a semi-soft blue cows’ milk cheese and is unique for being Ireland’s first farmhouse blue cheese. It is all made on the dairy farm of Jane and Louis Grubb near Cashel in County Tipperary and was first produced in 1984....
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Brillat Savarin Cheese
Brillat Savarin Affine
Brillat Savarin is a triple cream cheese that was originally made in Normandy in the late 19th century and went by the name ‘Excelsior’ or ‘Délice des gourmets'. It was the first cheese of its kind to be enriched with fat in the form of...