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The Cheese Course - Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner - March

As featured on Jay Rayner's March podcast - 'Out to Lunch - The Cheese Course', featuring British-American actress and singer Minnie Driver. Free UK* Delivery


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As featured on Jay Rayner's March podcast - 'Out to Lunch - The Cheese Course', featuring British-American actor and singer Minnie Driver. 


Corra Linn 250gMade in a traditional, cheddar style, this Scottish ewes' milk cheese is delicate when young and develops a long-lasting, caramel complexity with age. 

Tunworth 250g: A hand ladled, soft and creamy cow’s milk cheese from Hampshire with a distinct nutty, mushroomy flavour. 

Tor 250g: A pyramid-shaped, fresh flavoured goats’ cheese from Somerset. It has a zingy, citric acidity tempered by the ash coating.   

Paxton & Whitfield Pear and Vanilla Confit 120g: Made in the Pyrenees, this beautifully balanced sweet and fruity confit is a delightful contrast to a hard, creamy cheese. 

Paxton & Whitfield Traditional Wholegrain Oatcakes for Cheese 200g: A delicious wholegrain oatcake for cheese, fine-milled for a delicate and crispy crunch. Hand baked by our artisan bakers in Scotland. 

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Traditional Wholegrain Oakcakes
Traditional Wholegrain Oakcakes
Wholegrain Artisan Oatcakes for Cheese These delicious wholegrain oatcakes are fine-milled with a delicate and crispy crunch for a satisfying pairing with artisan cheese. They are specially hand-made for Paxton &...
Corra Linn
Corra Linn
Corra Linn is wonderfully flaky and crunchy, with a nice tangy salinity and a savoury, white miso finish. It also leaves a nice herbaceous note reminiscent of straw with distinct hazelnut flavours. Corra Linn is a raw sheep’s milk...
This pyramidal goat's cheese takes its name from the famous Glastonbury Tor which is only a stone's throw away from where the cheese, Tor, is produced. The flavour is fresher and cleaner than the similar classic French cheeses such as...
Tunworth Cheese
A must-have on any British Cheeseboard  Tunworth is one of the best British soft cheeses in production and has won dozens of awards to prove it, twice winning Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards. Its rind is bloomy and...
Confit Pear & Vanilla
Confit Pear & Vanilla
This confit is hand made in the Pyrenees and uses the traditional flavour of pear with a hint of vanilla. It tastes great with any hard crumbly cheese such as Lancashire and Cheshire.