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The Discovery Cheese Collection

Buy this artisan cheese collection including four unique cheeses to discover, artisan biscuits for cheese and our best-selling educational cheese tea towel.


An Artisan Cheese Voyage of Discovery

Discover new artisan cheeses and fufil your wanderlust with this artisan cheese selection Spain, Belgium Switzerland and Italy.

A deliciously unique cheese selection for your gatherings and a thoughtful cheese gift idea. 

Your Discovery Cheese Box Contains:

  • Cremoso 250g: An incredible, spoonable Spanish cheese. It’s both delicious and a touch of theatre for your cheeseboard - a sweet, milky, creamy cheese with unrivalled ooziness and guaranteed wow factor.

  • Pecorino Sardo 250g: A rich and nutty, firm cheese from Sardinia, Italy, which is made from the milk of the Sardinian sheep. It's dense consistency and savoury flavour, makes the perfect edition to your festive cheese board.

  • Schnebblehorn 250g: A hard, creamy, Swiss cheese with a satisfyingly sweet flavour. Schnebelhorn is made with added cream, creating an intensely rich and toothsome texture with a fantastic funk filled flavour.

  • Herve 200g: Herve Doux is a delicious washed rind cheese from Belgium, the only Belgian AOP-cheese. Punchy and creamy, this wonderful soft cheese is full of flavour.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Farmhouse Butter Artisan Biscuits for Cheese 100g: Mellow & buttery artisan biscuits for cheese. Handbaked in the UK by our artisan bakery, these delicious biscuits are the perfect accompaniment for artisan cheese.

  • Cheese of the World Tea Towel: A fun and informative cheese inspired, tea towel made in the UK from organic cotton. This beautifully designed tea towel features 49 iconic cheeses with delightful illustrations and descriptions, helping you build that all important cheese knowledge.

All Paxton & Whitfield deliveries are packaged with 100% sheeps’ wool insulation and reusable icepacks and send on an overnight delivery service for an impressive and fresh arrival. You can add a personalised gift message to be printed on a Paxton & Whitfield gift card. Order now and reserve your delivery date on the last page of checkout. 

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Pecorino Sardo
Pecorino Sardo
Sardinian Sheeps' Milk Cheese Rich, nutty and deepy savoury. A versatile cheese; delicious both on a cheeseboard and in your favourite recipes.  Pecorino Sardo is a firm cheese, (also known as Fiore Sardo) from Sardinia, Italy...
Decadent Artisan Alpine Cheese Schnebelhorn cheese is exclusively sold by Paxton & Whitfield in the UK . We oversee its journey, from the Swiss Alps to our Cotswold cheese rooms, where our cheesemongers carefully mature it until...
Herve Doux
Herve Doux
Raw Milk, Washed-Rind Cheese ‘This punchy washed rind cheese is Belgium’s only protected cheese, first receiving its PDO in 1996. Produced with raw milk from the appellation area in the province of Liege. With a dense yet creamy...
Delectable, Spoonable Cremoso Cheese There’s an excitable buzz amongst our cheesemongers about adding this new Spanish cheese to our range for 2021. It’s both delicious and a touch of theatre for your cheeseboard - a sweet, milky,...
Farmhouse Butter Biscuits for Cheese
Farmhouse Butter - Artisan Biscuits for Cheese
Farmhouse Butter - Artisan Biscuits for Cheese These light and buttery biscuits are mellow & buttery - with a satisfying snap to accompany any style of cheese. They are specially hand-made for Paxton & Whitfield by an artisan...
Cheeses of the World Tea Towel
Cheeses of the World Tea Towel
A fun and informative cheese tea towel made in the UK from organic cotton.