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You can't beat a Cheddar, Stilton and Brie combination, and this one is the very best.

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Cave Aged Cheddar
Cheddar - Paxtons Cave Aged
This cheese is made with vegetarian rennet but due to lard being used to adhere the cloth to the rind, it cannot be classed as a vegetarian product. Between the Dorset Downs and the West Dorset Heritage Coast in the Bride Valley,...
Brie De Meaux Cheese
Brie De Meaux
Brie de Meaux has been well-known since the Middle Ages and has a very distinguished past in which it has been appreciated by writers and royalty alike. Charlemagne enjoyed the cheese; Phillippe Auguste presented it to the ladies at...
Stilton Cheese Hand Cut
There has always been a degree of uncertainty about the evolution of Stilton Cheese, but thanks to extensive research we now have a clearer knowledge of the origins and how Stilton Cheese evolved. Texts from the 19th and 20th Century...