Fondue Cut Cheese Collection

A selection of delicious fondue cheeses for your fondue party. Perfect for a party of approx 5-6 people.


All the cheeses you need for Fondue season! Delicious melting cheeses ready to cook in your fondue pot. This collection provides plenty of cheese for a fondue party of up to 6 people.

This fondue cheese collection includes:

Gruyere Reserve 250g Mayfield 250g Raclette 250g Comte Androuet 250g

PLU 444


Mayfield Cheese
Mayfield is a semi hard wax coated cheese made from full fat pasteurised cow’s milk. It has a creamy sweet nutty flavour, which varies in strength from mild to full dependent on age, and contains naturally developed oval shaped holes in...
Raclette Cheese
Originally, Raclette was made only in the Swiss canton of Valais. Its production there dates back over 100 years, and the shepherds made it from raw milk in their mountain huts. More recently, however, it became more difficult for the...
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Comte Cheese Paxton and Whitfield
Comté Androuet
Comte is made in the Jura Mountains on the French side of the Swiss / French border. It is from the Gruyere family and is fairly similar to Gruyere itself, although lighter in character with more complexity and finesse. It is made...
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Gruyere cheese premier Cru
Gruyere Premier Cru
Originally Gruyere cheese was only made in and around the Swiss town of Gruyere which was founded in the canton of Fribourg by the religious counts who settled there in the 9th Century. Nowadays, however, the production has spread a...