Make Your Own British Cheese Board

Make Your Own stylish Cheese Board. All the ingredients you need and instructions to assemble them into this impressive Cheese Platter to WOW your guests.


New for 2019! Creative cheese platters to wow your guests and so simple to create. We'll send you all the cheeses and accompaniments pictured, as well as a detailed instruction card explaining how to cut the cheeses and assemble the board.

Our British Cheese Board set includes Paxton's Cave Aged Cheddar POO 250g, Perl Las 250g, Tunworth 250g Cornish Buttermilk Biscuit 100g, Sloe Fig and Almond Slice 100g, No 93. Ale Chutney, Cornish Charcuterie Salami 80g and instruction card.

The completed cheese board serves 6-8 people. As featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine and The Telegraph Newspaper.

You can purchase the board and knives separately to create the look.

PLU 488


Tunworth Soft Cheese
Tunworth is a handmade pasteurised cheese. It has a delicate, thick rind with a rich, creamy yellow interior that gently oozes but doesn't run away. Whilst there is a slight bite to the rind, the centre melts in the mouth and the two...
No 93 Ale Chutney
No 93 Ale Chutney
This chutney shows the best of British products. A truly great handmade fruit chutney married with Paxton and Whitfield's very own English real ale. Packed full of Bramley apples and plums along with a good slug of real ale
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Cave Aged Cheddar
Cheddar - Paxtons Cave Aged
This cheese is made with vegetarian rennet but due to lard being used to adhere the cloth to the rind, it cannot be classed as a vegetarian product. Between the Dorset Downs and the West Dorset Heritage Coast in the Bride Valley,...
Cornish salami
Cornish Salami
Our classic Salami Stick is made to an Italian recipe with home reared Cornish Lop pork. The meat is enhanced with carefully sourced herbs and spices before being gently smoked over beech chippings. The sausages are then left to mature...
Sloe, Fig & Almond Fruit Slice
Sloe, Fig & Almond Fruit Slice
Our Sloe, Fig & Almond Fruit Slices are inspired by the dried, pressed wheels of fruit and nuts that are a traditional Spanish accompaniment to cheese. Delicious sloe berries, chopped dried figs and almonds are infused in British sloe...
Cornish Buttermilk Biscuit
Cornish Buttermilk Biscuit
Our delicious new Biscuits for Cheese are the ideal accompaniment to a cheese board. They are produced by an artisan bakery in the heart of the West Country, using the finest ingredients to brand new, exclusive recipes, developed with...
Perl Las Blue Cheese
Perl Las
Perl Las, meaning 'Blue Pearl’ in Welsh, is made by Carwyn Adams of Caws Cenarth near Cardigan in the heart of West Wales. This is a family cheesemakers started by Carwyn's parents, Thelma and Gwynfor, in 1987 in response to milk quotas...