Strictly Vegetarian Cheese Board Selection

Vegetarian Cheese Board Selection

An enticing selection of vegetarian cheeses.

Not for export

A collection of delicious cheeses made exclusively with vegetarian rennet.

This selection contains:

Shropshire Blue 250g (pasteurised, vegetarian), Rachel 250g (thermised, vegetarian), Fooseway Fleece 250g (pasteurised, vegetarian) and Golden Cenarth 200g (pasteurised, vegetarian).

The cheeses fit perfectly in one of our stylish small gift boxes, why not add one to your order for a complete gift experience? Knives and board can be purchased separately to complete the look.

PLU 1018


Fosseway Fleece Cheese
Fosseway Fleece
The Somerset Cheese Company was founded by long-term friends Philip Rainbow, and Nicholas and Anita Robinson. Based in the beautiful county of Somerset, not far from the famous Bath and West Showground, the Somerset Cheese Company is...
Golden Cenarth Cheese
Golden Cenarth
Golden Cenarth is made by Carwyn Adams of Caws Cenarth. This is a family cheesemakers in West Wales started by Carwyn's parents Thelma and Gwynfor in1987. Thelma and Gwynfor were greatly affected by the introduction of milk quotas in...
Rachel Goats Cheese
Rachel is made near Shepton Mallet in Somerset by White Lake cheese makers. Rachel is an unusual cheese with an unusual name which is rumoured to be named after either one of the cheese maker's friends or possibly the name of one of his...
Shropshire Blue Cheese
Shropshire Blue
Despite its name, Shropshire Blue originated in Scotland and is generally made now in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire. There is a lack of a convincing explanation for the name of this cheese because as far as can be...