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Cheese for 50 People

Cheese for 50 People

A marvellous selection containing four incredible artisan cheeses, perfect for 50 guests.


An Artisan Cheese Selection for 50 People

A marvellous selection containing four incredible artisan cheeses, perfect for 50 guests.

Cheese for 50 contains:

  • Kirkham's Lancashire 1.5kg: This mouth-watering, crumbly and creamy textured cheese, famously described as ‘buttery crumble’ by the Kirkham family is a beautiful addition to your cheese boards. Made with raw milk, Kirkham's Lancashire has a full flavour finish and boasts a light, yoghurty tang.

  • Baronet Baby x3 280g: Baronet is a semi-soft cheese with a lovely pale-yellow core. It's creamy, rich and buttery with a washed-rind giving it a punchy flavour.

  • Cote Hill Blue Whole 1kg: Matured slowly over 3 months, Cote Hill Blue turn into a deliciously soft, aromatic cheese. It has a distinctive rind and a blue veined, creamy texture that coats the mouth and leaves behind a buttery sweetness and subtle kick.
  • Rachel 1.25kg (half): Award-winning Rachel is a full flavoured cheese, with a reddish crust, bursting with nutty and mellow notes. This semi-hard cheese adds both taste and colour to your cheeseboard.

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Baronet Baby
Baronet Baby
Made with Jersey Milk Baronet is a washed rind cheese from Wiltshire that rivals its Alpine cousins, with a full bodied, rich, rounded flavour. Baronet is made by Julianna Sedli who only set up business in August 2011 and makes the...
Rachel cheese
Semi-hard British Goats' Cheese Rachel has a warm reddish orange colour on the crust with a pale, supple interior and a flavour that is not overly 'goaty' but nutty and mellow.  It is perfect for those who like a full flavoured...
Lancashire Kirkham Cheese
Lancashire - Kirkham
Buttery British Kirkham's Lancashire Cheese Our Lancashire is made by Graham Kirkham son of the original 'Mrs Kirkham', in the "black land of Fylde" north of Preston in Lancashire where the pasture land is near the Irish sea and the...