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Platinum Membership Cheese Club

A wonderful gift hamper, PLUS a whole year of cheese deliveries with this Platinum Cheese Club membership.

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The Cheese Club Gift that Keeps on Giving

A wonderful gift comprising a selection of artisan cheeses and accompaniments, PLUS a whole year of cheese deliveries with this Platinum Cheese Club membership.

Paxton's Cheese Club members receive four carefully selected, artisan cheeses each month - in peak condition and chosen for the season. The artisan cheese hamper will be delivered on the date you select in checkout and will include a personalised welcome pack for your recipient which explains their 12 month membership to our Cheese Club for a whole year of cheese deliveries. Your gift recipient will be given details to call or email our Cheese Club Manager with any extra information required to start their monthly cheese deliveries. 

The cheese club deliveries will be sent by overnight courier to our delivery schedule, perfect for arranging tastings with friends. Detailed Fact Sheets providing information about the cheese makers and the cheese itself will be emailed to the recipient.

The Artisan Cheese Hamper Contains:

  • Paxton & Whitfield Cheddar Pounder PDO 550g: Distinctively fruity, with a nutty bite. This miniature cloth-bound Cheddar has underlying earthy notes absorbed from its maturation period in Somerset caves, and a very dense consistency that is satisfying in the mouth. It's a staple for every cheeseboard.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Hand-Cut Cropwell Bishop Stilton 200g: Smooth, creamy and open textured, the cheese is buttery and complex, with a slightly spicy long finish.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Celtic Soft 200g: A mild and creamy, soft cheese. Its deliciously buttery texture and long after taste, makes it perfect on top of a cracker, or to be baked as a warming treat. 

  • Paxton & Whitfield Fig & Walnut Conserve 90g: A rich and sticky Fig paste with Walnuts. To taste it is thick and fruity, but not too sweet, extremely figgy, with the walnuts coming through to balance.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Spiced Apricot & Cranberry Chutney 190g: A deliciously bright and fruity chutney, with a warming spice. This hand-prepared chutney is slow-cooked with onions, garlic and ginger, then subtly spiced for a perfect pairing with artisan cheese.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Black Garlic Pickle 110g: Black garlic cloves are slow-cooked for 6 weeks to create the base of this deeply umami, caramelised pickle. A sensational accompaniment to artisan cheese.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Farmhouse Butter Crackers 100g: Mellow & buttery - with a satisfying snap to accompany any style of cheese. Handbaked in the UK. 

  • Paxton & Whitfield No. 93 Ale 500ml: No. 93 is a superb ale, full of great character. Golden in colour, with a classic hoppy taste- this is the perfect pair to enjoy with a cheese board.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Traditional Shortbread: Wonderfully golden, rectangular biscuits sprinkled with sugar with a sweet and buttery aroma. These light and crunchy treats are the perfect after cheese delights! This award winning handmade shortbread recipe has been passed down from the founder of the Shortbread House of Edinburgh.

  • Luxury Gift Box:  A beautiful, reusable Paxton & Whitfield gift box - embossed in gold with the Paxton & Whitfield logo. Perfect to use as storage once the gift inside has been devoured.

  • Paxton's Cheese Club 12 Month Membership Welcome Pack