Make Your Own... Baked Camembert

Make Your Own Baked Camembert

Everything you need to make the satisfying dish of baked Camembert. Ideal as a shared starter for a dinner party.

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Fruit Cheese Gooseberry
Fruit Cheese Gooseberry
Part of our Fruit Cheese range, this Gooseberry Fruit Cheese is handmade to a traditional recipe and is crammed with quintessential English fruits. Perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard.
Paxtons Beechwood Spreader
Paxtons Beechwood Spreader
A cheese spreading utensil made from Beechwood, perfect for using for spreading baked soft cheese such as Camembert or Mont d'Or, or speading soft butter. Care - wash with warm soapy water, do not soak. Not suitable for dishwasher...
Camembert de Normandie
Camembert De Normandie
Camembert was created in 1791 in Normandy. Some sources claim it was invented by Marie Harel who was a farming woman in Camembert, Orne, who helped a fugitive priest who was escaping the "Terror". In return for refuge, he taught her...
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Camembert Baker Grey Ceramic
Paxtons Camembert Baker Grey
There are very few dishes more instantly appetising than a creamy, oozing, bubbling baked Camembert. Baked Camembert can be enjoyed with crusty bread, cured meats, pickles and chutneys. Add garlic, rosemary and wine into the baker...
Rosemary Wafer
Rosemary Wafer
Our delicious new Biscuits for Cheese are the ideal accompaniment to a cheese board. They are produced by an artisan bakery in the heart of the West Country, using the finest ingredients to brand new, exclusive recipes, developed with...