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The Stratford Hamper

A sweet and savoury collection of fine food presented in a Paxton & Whitfield branded rustic wooden crate .


A stylish hamper collection presented in a wooden, Paxton & Whitfield gift crate, featuring three of our house range cheeses and a selection of luxurious accompaniments.

Your Stratford Hamper contains:

Paxton & Whitfield Cheddar Pounder PDO 550g: A miniature cheddar, cloth bound and matured in Somerset caves. 

Paxton & Whitfield Finest English Stilton PDO 250g: A slice of Paxton & Whitfields finest English Stilton - hand cut and hand-wrapped in our Paxton & Whitfield wax paper.

Paxton & Whitfield Celtic Soft Cheese 200g: A soft, Irish cheese with a buttery texture and full creamy flavour. Perfect for baking.

Paxton & Whitfield Spiced Plum Chutney 198g: A sweet and lightly spiced plum chutney with plump raisins and English apples to create the perfect chutney for cheese.

Paxton & Whitfield Gooseberry Fruit Cheese 120g: A pure fruit preserve made with gooseberries. Handmade to a traditional recipe.

Paxton & Whitfield Baked Fig Ball 250g: Wonderful juicy black figs wrapped in fig leaves. Spectacular opened on a cheeseboard.

Paxton & Whitfield Rosemary Wafers 150g: 
A light and delicate all-butter biscuit with a crunchy, wafer thin texture and a delicate rosemary flavour.

Shropshire Blue & Onion Cheese Squares 85g: Light and crisp nibbles, made with cheese specially selected by Paxton & Whitfield. A perfect accompaniment to drinks.

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Shropshire Blue & Onion Cheese Squares
Shropshire Blue & Onion Cheese Squares
Our Cheese Squares are made by an artisan bakery in the heart of the West Country, using the finest ingredients and cheese selected by Paxton & Whitfield. Light and crisp, with a melt-in-the-mouth finish, they are incredibly...
Rosemary Wafer
Rosemary Wafer
Our delicious new Biscuits for Cheese are the ideal accompaniment to a cheese board. They are produced by an artisan bakery in the heart of the West Country, using the finest ingredients to brand new, exclusive recipes, developed with...
Cheddar Pounder
Cheddar Pounder
Miniature Cloth Bound Cheddar Paxton's Cave Aged Cheddar Pounder is distinctively fruity and has a nutty bite. It has underlying earthy notes absorbed from its maturation period in Somerset caves, and a very dense consistency that is...
Finest English Stilton Paxton & Whitfield were one of the first cheesemongers to bring Stilton to market in the UK and Stilton is still our best-selling cheese. Our Stilton today is made by Cropwell Bishop in Nottinghamshire and...
Spiced Plum Chutney
Spiced Plum Chutney
Warming Spiced Plum Chutney Our spiced plum chutney is hand-prepared with plums sourced from the Lake District and is flavoured with a selection of warm spices. The plums are cooked low and slow with onions, English apples and...
Fruit Cheese Damson
Fruit Cheese Damson
A pure fruit preserve hand made to a traditional recipe using damson plums. It is the perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard.
Celtic Soft
Celtic Soft
Celtic Soft retains a slight chalkiness in its centre when younger, surrounded by a softer, buttery paste. As it ages, the centre also softens, allowing the entire cheese to reach a melting, creamy consistency.  The cheese has...
Hamper Crate Paxton & Whitfield
Build your Own Hamper - Crate
Purchase your hamper box and individual contents and we'll package them together A rustic wooden gift crate, branded with the Paxton & Whitfield logo - perfect for building your own hamper full of Paxton & Whitfield goodies,...
Fig Ball
Fig Ball
Delicious figs from Southern Italy, that have been slowly baked and wrapped in their own leaves. A perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard or cold meat selection. These fig balls are baked low and slow for a delicious caramelised...
Fig & Walnut Conserve
Fig and Walnut Conserve
A rich and sticky Fig paste with Walnuts. To taste it is thick and fruity, but not too sweet, extremely figgy, with the walnuts coming through to balance. Handmade in the French Pyrenees by an artisan producer, this product is exclusive...