The Windsor Hamper

Windsor Cheese Hamper

A delightful cheese and wine hamper for the perfect gift.


A selection of cheese, wine and fine food goodies; all presented in our stylish wooden gift hamper.

This luxurious cheese and wine hamper contains:

Oaties Original 150g

Multiseed & Pepper Cracker Bakes 85g

Caramelised Onion Chutney 176g

Dorset Goat 200g

Celtic Soft 200g

Cheddar Pounder 550g

Heavenly Honeycombe Milk Chocolate Clusters

Cote De Duras White Wine 750ml

Cote De Duras Red Wine 750ml

Paxton & Whitfield Slate Board & Chalk Set

Paxtons Wooden Gift Crate


PLU 1210


Cote De Duras Red Wine
Cote De Duras Red Wine
Youthful fruit characterises this wine from Cotes de Duras, but it is balanced by depth of flavour making it an excellent wine for all occasions. Merlot predominates. Only available to customers aged 18 and over. The Cote De Duras is...
White Wine Cote de Duras
Cote De Duras White Wine
White Wine Perfectly Paired with Cheese A vibrant white wine with plenty of exotic fruit aromas and a soft round palate that finishes with a lovely zingy freshness. Drink on its own as an aperitif or with cheese. Only available to...
Original Oaties Cheese Biscuits
Oaties Original
From our tempting range of biscuits and crackers, these delicious Oaties with a golden, open texture and characteristic nutty taste. Handmade with locally sourced rolled oats from County Armagh. The palm oil used in our Oaties is from...
Dorset Goat Cheese
Dorset Goat
This new cheese is being made on an estate nestled between the Dorset Downs and the West Dorset heritage coast for Paxton & Whitfield using 100% goats’ milk.
Multiseed and Cracked Pepper Crackerbakes
Multiseed & Pepper Cracker Bakes
Deliciously crunchy, twice-baked gourmet sodabread crackers with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds and cracked black pepper. Ideal on their own or with hard cheeses. Our Cracker Bakes are made to exclusive recipes in a...
Slate cheese board and chalk
Paxtons Slate Cheese Board & Chalk Set
A classic Slate Board, perfect for serving cheese or tapas. It comes with two soapstone chalk crayons for writing on the slate. The board measures 30cm x 10cm. Wash with warm soapy water and dry. Do not soak. Not suitable for...
Cheddar Pounder
Cheddar Pounder
This cheese is made with vegetarian rennet but due to lard being used to adhere the cloth to the rind, it cannot be classed as a vegetarian product. In the heart of the stunning Bride Valley in Dorset, Paxton & Whitfield's Cheddar...
onion chutney
Caramelised Onion Chutney
This chutney offers a full bodied sweet and piquant flavour and is ideal when served warm or cold with cheese or meats. The rich flavour is achieved by slow cooking and the choice of ingredients.
Celtic Soft Irish Cheese
Celtic Soft
Ireland is renowned for its lush green fields and clean air, and in County Tipperary where Celtic Soft is made, the pastures are rich and are surrounded by damp boggy land. The grass is full of clover and the soil is peaty, making it...
Paxtons Wooden Gift Crate
Paxtons Wooden Gift Crate
A rustic wooden gift crate, branded with the Paxton & Whitfield logo - perfect for building your own hamper full of Paxton & Whitfield goodies, with an additional after use as a planter or storage box. Dimensions 26.5cm x...