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Concierge Festive Hamper

PLU 5908

A perfectly packaged cheese gift for the festive season. This artisan Paxton & Whitfield cheese selection is ready-to-eat; complete with accompaniments and presented in an impressive Paxton & Whitfield wooden box to keep and re-use once the treats inside! 

Paxton & Whitfield Cheddar Pounder 550g

A miniature cheddar, cloth bound and matured in Somerset caves with a nutty bite, earthy notes and a satisfyingly dense consistency. 

Paxton & Whitfield Stilton Jar 500g

Our iconic Stilton jars are a perfect gift for cheese lovers. Our award-winning Stilton is crumbled into these collectable jars, and covered with clarified butter to ensure the quality of the product.

Paxton’s Cote de Duras Red Wine  330ml

Youthful fruit characterises this wine from Cotes de Duras, but it is balanced by depth of flavour making it an excellent wine for all occasions. Merlot predominates. 

Paxton’s Cote de Duras White Wine 330ml 

A vibrant white wine with plenty of exotic fruit aromas and a soft round palate that finishes with a lovely zingy freshness. Drink on its own as an aperitif or with cheese. 

Set of 4 Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Plates

A fun yet sophisticated set of coupe shaped porcelain plates with four different cheese themes. Each plate features the names of all your favourite cheeses - how many have you tried?

Paxton & Whitfield Farmhouse Butter Crackers

A plain, savoury cracker with a satisfying snap to accompany any style of cheese.

Paxton & Whitfield Black Pepper Oatcakes

Wholegrain oatcakes - seasoned with cracked black pepper. Fine milled for a delicate and crispy crunch. 

Paxton & Whitfield Traditional Scottish Shortbread 

Handmade by our artisan Scottish bakers to ensure the finest in taste, texture and appearance. 

Paxton & Whitfield Pear and Vanilla Confit

This confit is hand made in the Pyrenees and uses the traditional flavour of pear with a hint of vanilla. It tastes great with any hard crumbly cheese such as Lancashire and Cheshire.