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Moliterno with Truffles

Pasteurised Traditional Rennet Sheep
PLU 1109

Key Facts

  • CountryItaly
  • Type of MilkSheep
  • PasteurisationPasteurised
  • Vegetarian RennetNo
  • OrganicNo

Beautifully Marbled Truffle Cheese

Produced on the island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy, this is an unforgettably dense and fudgy cheese, with the unique appearance of almost zebra stripes of black truffle throughout. A delicious cheese for truffle fans. 

Moliterno with Truffles is a rich, mature Sheep's milk cheese with creamy and sweet under tones. The cheese is matured for 60 days before the Black Truffle paste in added which compliments the flavour creating a special and unique cheese. The cheeses are still moulded by hand in wicker baskets which form the attractive pattern on the rind.

Moliterno with Truffles is made in Sardinia; renowned for its sheep milk cheeses due to its terrain and pastures which the Ewes feed on.

The bold and earthy flavours of the truffle can dominate a pairing so best to go for bold, aged reds like Barolo or Bordeaux where the bright fruit flavours have had time to mellow. Alternatively, a good Champagne or sparkling wine will cut through the richness of the truffles with their acidicty and delicate bubbles.