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The Mighty Bite - Strong Cheese Collection

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A collection of four very tasty artisan cheeses for those who like powerful flavours


A selection of four cheeses chosen to pack a punch, the perfect present for someone who enjoys powerful flavours.

This Artisan Cheese Selection Contains:

  • Comté Androuet (250g): A superior example of a Comté made to a traditional method, giving a complex and fruity cheese with a supple texture.

  • Stichelton (250g): A traditional blue cheese made in Nottinghamshire to a Stilton recipe, but using unpasteurised cows milk.

  • Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher (250g): A naturally smoked handmade cheese with the flavourful characteristics of the distinctive Lincolnshire Poacher.

  • Langres (250g): Historic cheese with a unique truncated shape and a depression in the centre designed to hold Champagne.

Plenty of cheese for 6-8 people (or less if you'd like to enjoy the leftovers). Freshly cut by our cheesemongers, hand-wrapped in our wax paper and delivered chilled to your door. Select your preferred delivery date when you go to checkout. 


Made to a Stilton Recipe using Raw Milk Stichelton blue cheese has deliciously complex flavours that change with the seasons and develop with age. The texture is creamy and buttery. Spicy notes come through from the blueing which sit...
Comte Androuet Cheese
Comté Androuet
Comte is made in the Jura Mountains on the French side of the Swiss / French border. It is from the Gruyere family and is fairly similar to Gruyere itself, although lighter in character with more complexity and finesse. It is made using...
The aroma of Langres is strong, and the texture is smooth and firm. It has a flavour that is rich and full with a spicy tang. Langres is a speciality cheese made in small dairies in the Champagne region and possibly dates back to the...
Lincolnshire Poacher Smoked
Lincolnshire Poacher Smoked
Naturally Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Lincolnshire Poacher cheese is cut from large truckles then locally cold-smoked over 100% oak chips for 24 hours. This produces a beautiful deep golden colour with the woody spiciness of a...