Cheese Wedding Cakes

Celebrate in style with a speciality cheese wedding cake made from the finest English and Continental cheeses. Our mouth-watering collection of cheese wedding cakes is the perfect accompaniment to your special day and a delicious addition or alternative to a traditional fruit cake. Choose from our range of suggested cheese cakes for weddings or compile a personalised cheese cake from your own favourites.

When you choose a cheese wedding cake from Paxton & Whitfield, you’re in for a special treat. In this section you’ll find everything you need to know about choosing a cheese cake for your special day.

How to choose your cheese wedding cake

It’s easy to choose the perfect cheese cake for your wedding. You can browse our extensive range of celebration cheese cakes or compile a cake from a selection of your favourite cheeses – we stock over 150 different types. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our cheese specialists who will be pleased to offer advice and guidance about which cheeses go well together and how to arrange each layer. When compiling your cheese wedding cake, the harder cheeses usually form the base so they can support the rest of the cake, then a mixture of cheeses becoming gradually smaller make up the top of the cake. To ensure your selection meets your needs exactly, we provide cheese wedding cake tasting boxes to allow you to sample your chosen cheese before placing your order. In addition, you can visit one of our shops to sample cheese and discuss requirements with a member of our specialist team.

Decorating your cheese wedding cake

We appreciate that you will want your cheese wedding cake to compliment the style of your wedding, so we will supply the cheese for you to decorate. Most customers ask their florist or caterer to help decorate their wedding cheese cake. They look fabulous decorated with flowers although fruits and nuts also work well.

How much cheese to order

If your cheese cake is to be served as part of your wedding breakfast or buffet, we would recommend you allow about 70g per person. If your cheese cake is the main part of your wedding buffet you’ll need to cater for up to 100g per person.

Ordering your cheese wedding cake

You can order your cheese wedding cake as far in advance as you like although we generally need a minimum of three weeks to ensure your cheeses are in perfect condition for your wedding day. Your cheese cake will usually be delivered two days before your wedding day and will need to be refrigerated straight away. We deliver Tuesday - Friday to all areas of the British Isles and offer a next-day service to all areas of England and major cities and a two-day delivery service to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. There is a standard delivery charge of £10. If you live near one of our shops you can collect your cheese wedding cake in person.

Keeping your cheese wedding cake fresh

Your cheese will be fine for four to five hours at room temperature, as long as the heat in your wedding venue isn’t excessive. If it’s a hot day or the venue is particularly warm, delay the display of your cake for as long as possible. Make sure your cake is out of direct sunlight and cover it with a clean, damp cloth to stop the cheese from drying out.

Serving your cheese wedding cake

You can serve your cheese wedding cake with baskets of fresh breads, a variety of biscuits, fresh fruit, fruit preserves, honey and nuts. You may also like to consider treating your guests to dessert wines or port to compliment the cheese – we’ll be happy to help you choose the best accompaniments.

Next steps

View our cheese cakes for weddings or get in touch to speak to one of our expert cheesemongers. If you live near at Paxton & Whitfield shop in London, Stratford-Upon-Avon or Bath please call in to discuss your wedding plans and to see our wonderful selection of cheese for yourself. 

  • 848 - La Manche

    La Manche

    Five classic cheeses representing some of the best from both sides of the Channel. To serve approximately 220 people.
    Not for export

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  • 887 - The Boadicea

    The Boadicea

    A cake made from four fantastic artisan cheeses from England, Ireland and Wales. To serve approximately 100 people.
    Not for export

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  • 1012 - The Britannia

    The Britannia

    A truly stunning cake made up of five of the very best British Cheeses. To serve approximately 75 people.
    Not for export

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  • 847 - The Riviera

    The Riviera

    A beautiful cake of classic cheeses from the continent. To serve approximately 50 people
    Not for export

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  • 1095 - The Churchill

    The Churchill

    Impress your guests with this delicious celebration cheese cake. To serve approximately 30 people.
    Not for export

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  • 753 - The Marlborough

    The Marlborough

    A celebration cake made from three of Englands finest artisan cheeses. To serve approximately 25 people.
    Not for export

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  • 1087 - The Charlotte

    The Charlotte

    A romantic cheese cake suitable for a smaller celebration.To serve approximately 30 people.
    Not for export

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  • 1089 - Celebration Cheese Centrepiece

    Celebration Cheese Centrepiece

    A stunning alternative way to display a selection of celebration cheeses. To serve approximately 20-30 people.
    Not for export

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  • 1088 - Birthday Cheesecake

    Birthday Cheese Cake

    The perfect cake for a smaller celebration. To serve approximately 12 to 15 people.
    Not for export

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