Hard Cheese

Generally these cheeses are the longest matured and have the smallest moisture content. Hard cheeses normally come either cloth bound, wax covered or with a natural rind.
  • 705 - Parmigiano Reggiano

    Parmigiano Reggiano

    One of Italys most famous cheese, matured for over 24 months. Rich, salty & sweet in flavour.

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  • 320 - Manchego Semi Curado

    Manchego Semi Curado

    A truly artisan Manchego with limited production . Younger, fresher and moister flavour than the Manchego Curado

    Sheep Unpasteurised
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  • 451 - Gruyere Reserve

    Gruyere Reserve

    A tasty 14 month Swiss Gruyere, dense in texture, with a fruity, floral flavour that lingers in the mouth.

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  • 1109 - Moliterno with Truffle

    Moliterno with Truffle

    A rich mature sheeps milk cheese with a striking marbling effect of truffles complementing it perfectly.
    Not for export

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  • 387 - Tete De Moine Whole

    Tete De Moine Whole

    Literally meaning Monks Head, this fruity cheese is traditionally eaten by shaving thin curls from it with a Girolle.

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