Washed Rind Cheese

These cheeses range from semi hard to soft in texture and can generally be counted on to have strong aromas. Whilst maturing, they are washed or rubbed regularly in solutions such as brine which encourage a different mould to form on the rind, called B-Linens. This mould is characterised by its pink / orange colour and breaks down the cheese to be spongy in texture, making them ideal for melting.
  • 913 - Oxford Isis Individual

    Oxford Isis Individual

    Washed in honey mead & matured for a month, this cheese is full flavoured & pungent with a spicy tang.
    Not for export

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  • 119 - Rachel


    An unusual, semi hard goats milk cheese that is washed in a brine solution through its maturation. Rich and nutty in flavour

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  • 255 - Stinking Bishop Cutting

    Stinking Bishop Cutting

    A fruity flavoured cheese with a fantastically soft texture and powerful aroma coming from the perry-washed rind
    Not for export

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