Soft Cheese

Cheeses such as Camembert. Generally, they ripened from their rinds leading to a breakdown of the interior, giving a sumptuous, creamy consistency.
165 - Dorstone


A full flavoured goats milk cheese that has been rolled in ash. Dense in texture with a creamy, slightly salty lemon flavour

Made by Charlie Westhead from Neal's Yard Creamery which moved from The South East in1996 to the beautiful location on Dorstone Hill, overlooking the river Wye in Herefordshire.

Their small-scale approach to cheese making means that they retain control not only of the production, but also of their power and heating needs. This is not something they undertake as a publicity exercise - it is at the core of everything they do, both at home and in business. The electricity is sourced from ethical suppliers, and as much as possible is generated on-site by a windmill. Heating requirements are amply handled with a customised furnace, burning locally sourced wood.

Dorstone is an ashed goats cheese with a delicate, wrinkled rind. Its texture is fluffy yet creamy with a flavoursome zesty tang.

Dostone won Best Fresh Cheese at the British Cheese Awards 2010.

Not for export  Goat PLU: 165

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Key Facts

  • Country Made In England
  • Type of Milk Goat
  • Pasteurisation Pasteurised
  • Vegetarian No
  • Region Herefordshire
  • Organic No
  • Flavour Salty and citrus
  • Accreditation None
  • Weight 180 g

Store & Serve

Individual cheeses will carry their own Best Before/Use By Date, we endeavour to give a minimum of 7 days from the date the order is despatched

  • StorageKeep refrigerated.
  • Instructions for useServe at room temperature.
  • Recommended DrinkSauvignon De Tourraine
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