French Classic Cheese Board Selection

Four of the greatest cheeses offered by a country famous for its fine cheese making tradition.

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Selles Sur Cher
Selles Sur Cher
Selles sur Cher is named after the region where it was first commercialised - the Loir-et-Cher. The area of production of the cheese now comprises of a group of regions south of the Loire River where the climate is mild. These are:...
Comte Cheese Paxton and Whitfield
Comté Androuet
Comte is made in the Jura Mountains on the French side of the Swiss / French border. It is from the Gruyere family and is fairly similar to Gruyere itself, although lighter in character with more complexity and finesse. It is made...
Roquefort Blue Cheese
Roquefort is the most famous of French blue cheeses and is named after the small village of Roquefort which lies between the Auvergne and Languedoc in the Aveyron region of France. A series of earthquakes and landslides in the Combalou...
Camembert de Normandie
Camembert De Normandie
Camembert was created in 1791 in Normandy. Some sources claim it was invented by Marie Harel who was a farming woman in Camembert, Orne, who helped a fugitive priest who was escaping the "Terror". In return for refuge, he taught her...