Valentine's Raclette for Two

Valentine Raclette

Everything you need for a delicious Raclette meal for two; Raclette heater, cheese and accompaniments.


Everything you need for a delicious raclette date night for two people. This set contains our Raclette Heater, Raclette Cheese (250g), Sweet Cucumber Pickle (198g) and Cornish Salami (80g).

Simply slice the raclette into 0.5cm slices, light the candles on the raclette heater and watch as your raclette cheese melts. Use the scraper provided to serve it onto your plate of salami & sweet cucumber pickle.

A perfect gift idea.

PLU 445


Raclette Cheese
Originally, Raclette was made only in the Swiss canton of Valais. Its production there dates back over 100 years, and the shepherds made it from raw milk in their mountain huts. More recently, however, it became more difficult for the...
Sweet Cucumber Pickle
Sweet Cucumber Pickle
This traditional pickle is handmade in North Yorkshire. Made to an old fashioned recipe that dates back to war time. A treat with hard cheese, cured meats and smoked salmon
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Raclette Grill Raclette Heater
Paxton's Raclette Heater
Raclette is a traditional dish originating in the French and Swiss Alps. The name Raclette comes from the French verb, racler, meaning to scrape. Typically the meal involves diners melting Raclette cheese and scraping it onto potatoes,...