The Big Cheese

Give the gift of cheese and beer to the Big Cheese in your life!


A perfect partnership of cheese & beer. 

Our 1.8 KG Cheddar Truckles are made in the heart of the stunning Bride Valley in Dorset, Paxton & Whitfield's Cheddar Truckles are handmade to a traditional recipe using pasteurised milk from local herds. The Truckles are then taken and matured in the historic Wookey Hole Caves of Wells, Somerset, where the flavour picks up a distinctive complexity from the unique environment. 

Perfectly paired with a 500ml bottle of our Ale No. 93. No. 93 is a “bottle-conditioned” beer. This means that a secondary fermentation happens in the bottle due to the live yeast being left inside (rather than filtered out as it is in more commercial brands). This slows the breakdown of the compounds in the beer giving it a much longer shelf life than a filtered beer. The fermenting yeast also naturally carbonates the beer so no high pressure gas injection is needed. A superb ale of great character. Golden colour with a spicy hop character, soft fruitiness and some strength.  

PLU 580


Featured Item!
Stilton Jar
Stilton Jar 500g
Our iconic Stilton jars are a perfect gift for cheese lovers. Our award-winning Stilton is crumbled into these collectable jars, and covered with a wax seal to ensure the quality of the product. When crumbled into a jar, the texture of...
Cheese Platter and Dome
Paxtons Cheese Platter & Dome
Wow your guests with this porcelain cheese platter and handcrafted, mouth blown glass dome - an impressive way to serve your cheese. The platter features the names of many classic cheeses - how many have you tried? It has a high...
Raclette Heater Raclette Grill
Paxtons Raclette Heater
Raclette is a traditional dish originating in the French and Swiss Alps. The name Raclette comes from the French verb, racler, meaning to scrape. Typically the meal involves diners melting Raclette cheese and scraping it onto potatoes,...
Cheesemongers Favourite Knife
Paxtons Cheesemongers Favourite Knife - Cheese...
A strong and stylish Cheese Knife, with a stainless steel blade and a riveted rosewood handle. The angled and stepped offset blade allows a clean, controlled cut through both hard and soft cheeses, making it our cheesemongers' favourite...
Slate cheese board and chalk
Paxtons Slate Cheese Board & Chalk Set
A classic Slate Board, perfect for serving cheese or tapas. It comes with two soapstone chalk crayons for writing on the slate. The board measures 30cm x 10cm. Wash with warm soapy water and dry. Do not soak. Not suitable for...
A taste of Somerset Cheese
A Taste of Somerset - Cheese & Biscuit Selection
Our cheesemongers are excited to launch this latest cheese collection; supporting independent cheesemakers from in and around the City of Bath. The Paxton & Whitfield Bath shop serves many locals and also tourists from all around...