Naturally Delicious

Port and Stilton Gift Naturally Delicious

A natural jute bag containing the perfect pairing of Port and Stilton with the addition of delicious Walnut Oaties.

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PLU 374


Stilton Waxed Mini Cheese
Stilton Waxed Mini
There has always been a degree of uncertainty about the evolution of Stilton Cheese, but thanks to extensive research we now have a clearer knowledge of the origins and how Stilton Cheese evolved. 19th and 20th Century texts suggested...
Paxton's Tawny Port
Paxton's Tawny Port
This Tawny Port has been bottled for immediate drinking and does not need decanting. The flavour is mellow and elegant and combines delicate wood notes with rich aromas of mature fruit. Only available to customers aged 18 and over.
Oaties Walnut
Oaties Walnut
Part of our cracker and biscuit range, these Walnut Oaties are handmade with locally sourced rolled oats from County Armagh. They are crammed with walnuts for a rich, nutty taste and texture. The palm oil used in our Oaties is from a...