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Royal Crest

Cheese Accompaniments

A delicious selection of luxury foods, sweet and savoury, to complement your cheese.

  • Cheese Biscuits

    Cheese Biscuits

    Made by artisan producers in the UK, our cheese biscuits complement our cheeses perfectly.

  • Chutneys & Accompaniments

    Chutneys & Accompaniments

    A great range of accompaniments to artisan cheese - pickles, chutneys, confits and more delicious, artisan pairings - from the traditional to the more unusual.

  • Fine Wine, Beer & Port

    Fine Wine, Beer & Port

    All of our alcohol is specially selected for incredible pairings with cheese. Our Champagne has a higher percentage of Pinot Noir grapes for a full-bodied flavour to accompany...

  • Artisan Cured Hams

    Artisan Cured Hams

    Our finest quality hams and pates are sourced from artisan producers and made by traditional methods. Please allow 3 working days leadtime from order, to delivery date for your...

  • Sweet Treats

    Sweet Treats

    A tantalizing assortment of treats, perfect for those with a sweeter tooth!