Slate Cheese Board Large

Slate Board Large

Handcrafted black slate from the Lake District, quarried from local mines and famed for their strength and durability.

PLU 991

Key Facts

  • CountryEngland
  • RegionLake District


Slate is a metamorphic rock created by volcanic trauma and has been quarried and used in England since prehistoric times. Our Natural grey slate has been quarried in Cumbria, England where the stone was formed more than 300 million years ago. Containing all the instrinsic characteristics of a naturally evolved product, each board is then cut, shaped and finished by local craftsmen. Lakeland slate is famed for its strength and durability and so should last a lifetime. The non porous surface also means it is easy to clean, by simply wiping with a damp cloth after use. Perfect for dinner parties, chalk the names of the various cheeses onto the board. Approx 38cm by 20cm.

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