Cheese Wedding Cakes

Celebrate in style with a speciality cheese wedding cake made from the finest English and Continental cheeses. Our mouth-watering collection of cheese wedding cakes is the perfect accompaniment to your special day and a delicious addition or alternative to a traditional fruit cake. Choose from our range of suggested cheese cakes for weddings or compile a personalised cheese cake from your own favourites.
1091 - The Boadicea Tasting Box

The Boadicea Tasting Box

A box containing tasting sized portions of each of the cheeses in our The Boadicea Cake.

Don’t just take our word for it.... Order a tasting box containing samples of the cheeses in our Boadicea cake to try at home!

All tasting boxes will include a voucher for £25 off fine food accompaniments when you order your Celebration cheese Cake.
For terms and conditions please contact us on 01451 823460.

TheTasting Box contains:

Finn min wt 200g x 1. A cows milk cheese with a soft, double cream texture. Lactic and creamy when young with walnut and mushroom flavours as it matures.
Cashel Blue min wt 200g. A mellow, subtle and creamy blue cheese handmade on a family farm in County Tipperary.
Rachel min wt 200g. An unusual, semi hard goats milk cheese that is washed in a brine solution through its maturation. Rich and nutty in flavour
Caerphilly Gorwydd min wt 200g. A handmade Caerphilly with a distinct creamy outer layer near the rind and crumbly, citrus flavoured centre.

NB Decoration not included.

Not for export  PLU: 1091
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