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Selles Sur Cher

Selles Sur Cher

A naturally rinded French goats' cheese from the Loire Valley with a dense texture and a pleasant lemony tang.

Unpasteurised Traditional Rennet PDO Goat
PLU 420

Key Facts

  • CountryFrance
  • AccreditationPDO
  • Type of MilkGoat
  • PasteurisationUnpasteurised
  • Vegetarian RennetNo
  • OrganicNo
  • Weight TypeNet

Historic French Goats' Milk Cheese

Selles sur Cher is a classic French goats’ milk cheese - fine textured, succulent and velvety. It has an aroma of walnuts and the flavour is also nutty but with a hint of lemon and salt followed by a mellow sweetness.

Selles sur Cher was one of the first cheeses to gain a protected status in 1975, which was then modified in 1980. The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the cheese guarantees the region of production and traditional techniques used to make it. After the cheeses have been made, they are then matured for three weeks in a dry cellar.

Thie Cher river runs parallel to the Loire, home of world renowned Sauvignon Blanc that is fresh, bright and grassy. These wines match perfectly the bright lemony flavours of this cheese.