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Classic French Cheese Selection

Four of the greatest cheeses offered by a country famous for its fine cheese making tradition.


Artisan French Cheese & Conserve

A fabulous French cheeseboard collection featuring a variety of different textures of cheese, made using different types of milk and including our perfectly paired French Fig & Walnut Conserve. 

Specially curated by our cheesemongers for a balanced and interesting, artisan French cheeseboard. 

Your French Cheese Collection Contains:

  • Comté Androuet PDO (200g): A superior example of a Comté made to a traditional method, giving a complex and fruity cheese.

  • Mothais Sur Feuille (230g): An eye-catching oval shaped goats cheese which is rich in flavour and wrapped in a dried Chestnut leaf.

  • Brillat Savarin (200g): A triple cream French cheese. The texture is soft and the flavour is light and delicate but with a rich creaminess stemming from the additional cream.

  • Fourme d'Ambert (200g): Made since the Middle Ages, this firm textured, creamy blue cheese has a distinctive cylinder shape and a mild, fruity flavour.

  • Fig & Walnut Conserve (90g): A rich and sticky Fig paste with Walnuts. Handmade in the French Pyrenees by an artisan producer. 

WINNER: 'The Best Artisanal Cheese Selection' Woman & Home Christmas Food Awards 2022 

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Add Paxton's Monbazillac to enjoy with your French cheese

Salt and sweet make a great pairing as the opposing flavours bring out the best in each other. Try our sweet dessert wine Monbazillac with your French cheese collection. The Paxton & Whitfield Monbazillac shows its quality over many others with the underlying vein of fresh, fruity acidity which cuts through the sweetness to stop the wine from being cloying as some can be.

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Make your French Cheese Collection gift extra special with our medium gift box. Packaged with our luxury, brown shredded paper for an impressive gift. Add a free gift message to be printed on a Paxton & Whitfield gift card when you go to checkout. 

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Mothais Sur Feuille
Mothais Sur Feuille
This cheese is a stylish and eye-catching addition to any cheese board - circular in shape and wrapped in a dried Chestnut leaf. It has a full, complex and rich flavour, with a creamy yet firm texture. The function of the Chestnut...
Comte Androuet Cheese
Comté Androuet
Comte is made in the Jura Mountains on the French side of the Swiss / French border. It is from the Gruyere family and is fairly similar to Gruyere itself, although lighter in character with more complexity and finesse. It is made using...
Fourme D Ambert
Fourme D Ambert
Fourme D'Ambert has a creamy white interior with dark greeny blue veining. It is moist in texture with a savoury taste that is tangy with a touch of sweetness. This historic cheese has been in existence from an early age, with legends...
Brillat Savarin Affine
Brillat Savarin Affine
Rich & Creamy Brillat Savarin Cheese Brillat Savarin is a triple crème cows’ milk cheese made in Burgundy. Triple crème means that cream is added to the whole milk before the cheesemaking process starts. The cheese is shaped...
Fig & Walnut Conserve
Fig and Walnut Conserve
A rich and sticky Fig paste with Walnuts. To taste it is thick and fruity, but not too sweet, extremely figgy, with the walnuts coming through to balance. Handmade in the French Pyrenees by an artisan producer, this product is exclusive...