Truffle Cheese Collection

Truffle Cheese Board Collection

A collection of three delicious truffled cheeses with Charcoal Crackers to accompany, the perfect gift for a truffle fan.

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Three delicious truffled cheeses with our delicious Charcoal Crackers to accompany them. A decadent cheese board treat for 8-10 people.

This collection contains:

Moliterno with Truffles 250g Brillat Savarin with Truffles 200g Truffled Single Gloucester 250g Charcoal Crackers 80g

Make this into a gift for the truffle lover in your life by adding one of our Medium Gift Boxes. You can purchase the cheese board & knives separately to complete the look.

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Moliterno with Truffles
Moliterno with Truffles
Moliterno with Truffles is from Sardinia which is renowned for its sheep milk cheeses due to its terrain and pastures which the Ewes feed on. Moliterno withTruffle is a rich mature Sheep's milk cheese with creamy and sweet under...
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Brillat Savarin Affine aux Truffes
Brillat Savarin Affine aux Truffes
Brillat Savarin is a well-known French triple cream cow’s milk cheese. This is a special version which is filled with summer truffles made in Cote d'Or in the region of France. The Brillat Savarin is matured 4 weeks, it is creamy and...
Truffle Single Gloucester Cheese
Truffle Gloucester
Located in the quiet of the Cotswold countryside, Truffle Hunter produces the finest Truffle Oils, Minced Truffles, Truffle Salt, Truffle Honey, Truffle Mustard & Truffle Mayonnaise. They use the best truffles sourced from the finest...
Charcoal Cracker
Charcoal Cracker
Our delicious new Biscuits for Cheese are the ideal accompaniment to a cheese board. They are produced by an artisan bakery in the heart of the West Country, using the finest ingredients to brand new, exclusive recipes, developed with...