Cheese of the Month - Lanark Blue Cheese


The Errington Cheese farm, where Lanark Blue cheese is made, lies in the windiest corner of the windiest country in Europe! The cheesemaking Errington family put this wind to good use and minimise their carbon footprint with two 20KW wind turbines to keep their farm running. 

Lanark Blue is our Cheese of the Month for November and only available for a limited time. An unpasteurised Scottish Ewe’s blue cheese with a sharp and clean flavour, Lanark Blue is the Scottish equivalent to French Roquefort.

Errington Cheese is home to a flock of 450-500 dairy sheep, predominantly Lacaune with some Friesan. They are kept in during the winter and are then put out in the summer once the silage has been cut. Due to the altitude and climate the growing season is fairly short compared with some other areas of the UK though so they concentrate on growing high quality silage and hay to provide the basis of the ewes' diet.

The texture of this artisan cheese is soft and yielding with blue mold throughout. The pure blue flavour given by the smooth Ewe's milk is excellent with very sweet accompaniments such at Paxton & Whitfield’s Monbazillac or Acacia Honey.



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