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Sweet & Salty Blue Cheese Pairings

Brighten Your Blues


Arguably, the finest of traditional blue cheeses need no enhancement, but if you enjoy the extra dimension that a sweet chutney such can bring to Stilton, or the earthy crunch that a walnut can impart to Gorgonzola Dolce, then it might be worth considering some more unusual partners for your Christmas Blues. Try our Spiced Plum Chutney; hand made from plums picked in the lake district, or our Fig and Walnut Conserve; handmade in the French Pyrenees by an artisan producer.


Blue Cheese and Gingerbread

One of our more unusual blue cheese pairing discoveries is Cashel Blue cheese with our favourite Granthams Gingerbread - A wonderfully warm and salty sweet pairing that feels delightfully autumnal.


Quick Blue Cheese Canapes

If you are after an easy canape for a festive gathering, try pairing a slice of the British, raw milk Stichelton cheese with a dollop of our Quince and Apple Confit on top of our Apricot, Date & Sunflower Seed Cracker Bakes. Delicious!


Roquefort, Monbazillac and Acacia Honey 

Roquefort, that inimitable strong and salty blue from the caves of the Aveyron can take a fairly sweet counterpart. We would always recommend washing it down with a beautiful, gently acidic desert wine such as Monbazillac, but in addition, try it with a dollop of our Acacia honey collected from beehives placed in the Acacia forests of the Danube Valley.


Stilton & Pickled Walnuts

A classic English food which comes out during party season is the Pickled Walnut. The nuts are pickled in their green coats while still young, and before the shell has formed, meaning they are not hard inside as you might expect. Try a thin slice with a mouthful of creamy Stilton. The tartness of the walnut, coupled with the dense savoury richness of good Stilton is an absolute winner, and the perfect end to a Christmas meal.


Browse our blue cheese shop and order your fresh cheese delivery to explore your favourite pairings.  

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