Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Update - 11.03.2020

We recognise the seriousness of a viral outbreak and its potential to restrict people from continuing with their day to day lives.   We are committed to taking the necessary steps to help stop the further spread of the virus and its impact on our and others’ daily operations.

We have:

  • Established a Coronavirus crisis management team and regularly review and respond to official advice as it evolves

  • Reviewed our food safety pre-requisites and reminded all staff of their importance

  • Provided further personal hygiene advice throughout the business and increased the availability of hand sanitising products for staff and customers

  • Communicated regularly and clearly to staff on our current position and changes as they emerge

  • Re-iterated our return to work policy and required staff to provide advance notice of any travel plans.    Staff are required to confirm fitness to work before returning to work.    Staff who return from high risk countries know they will need to self isolate for 14 days before returning to work

  • Enhanced our visitor/contractor medical screening processes.   Any concerns will result in those people being excluded from site

  • Engaged with suppliers based in “lockdown” countries to understand what this means for the supply of goods.

We are continually reviewing and limiting our staff’s attendance at off-site meetings and inter-office travels.

Paxton & Whitfield has been and will continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidance and advice of the UK Foods Standards Agency and other government or intergovernmental bodies as it emerges, specifically: 

Ros Windsor
Managing Director
11 March 2020