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Washed Rind Cheese

These washed rind cheeses range from semi hard to soft in texture and generally have strong aromas. Whilst maturing, they are washed or rubbed regularly in solutions such as brine which encourage a different mould to form on the rind, called B-Linens. This mould is characterised by its pink or orange colour and breaks down the cheese to be spongy in texture, making them ideal for melting. Browse our selection of British and Continental, artisan washed rind cheeses. 

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About Washed Rind Cheese

Washed rind cheeses belong to the most pungent family of cheeses and have their own counter in our cheese shops which is affectionately known as "stinky corner". Washed rind cheeses have been washed, or rinsed in water, or brine to encourage a stickier, more orange rind. Famous examples include Epoisse and Mont d'Or.

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