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Paxton's Cheese Club

If you enjoy good cheeses and want to find out more about them, join Paxton's Cheese Club or purchase as a gift. As a member of this unique cheese subscription, you receive four carefully selected cheeses, in peak condition, chosen for the season. The Cheese Club selection is sent by overnight courier leaving on the second Wednesday of each month to arrive on the Thursday. Select from a 3-month (Bronze), 6-month (Silver), or 12-month (Gold) subscription. 

When you purchase our Cheese Club subscription online, you'll receive an immediate, personalised Cheese Club welcome letter by email so it's also perfect for a last minute gift!

Award-winning Cheese Club

Paxton's Cheese Club is the longest-running UK cheese subscription. We're proud to have loyal Cheese Club members who have been enjoying receiving their cheese parcels for many years and continue to renew their cheese subscription with us. 

The cheese club is one of our most popular gifts. Choose between a 3-month (bronze), 6-month (silver) or 12-month (gold) subscription and we'll send a personalised welcome letter with your order confirmation that you can print or email to your gift recipient. 

May 2020: "I want to thank you on several fronts. Thank you for the amazing gift for my Dad, who said every cheese without exception was wonderful, each one was “the best cheese ever”.  I think it is his favourite gift of any sort ever too. Thank you particularly for the most recent delivery in these particularly challenging times. Thank you for making sure I never struggle to think of a perfect gift for my dad ever again!" See all reviews

Jan 2020: "A good mix of british and continental cheeses; cheeses always arrive in good condition; reliable monthly supply - we enjoy the surprise."See all reviews

Aug 2019: "The Cheese Club is a great way to sample cheeses one would not normally see in a supermarket. Each month, the cheese arrives on the specified day, perfectly packed and in excellent condition. Any queries are dealt with promptly by Paxton & Whitfield’s friendly service team." See all reviews

Aug 2019: "An excellent and reliable service which provides the opportunity to sample a range of cheeses from a variety of producers which might otherwise not be easily available. Informative tasting notes add to the enjoyment." See all reviews

Aug 2019: "The cheeses arrive in perfect condition each month, and always a welcomed surprise dressed in a dinky box lined with sheep’s wool that can be upcycled in all sorts of creative ways. Never once have I been disappointed in the 10 years of using this wonderful service living in North Yorkshire." See all reviews