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Online Cheese Tastings

Join one of our live online cheese tastings; hosted by a professional Paxton & Whitfield cheesemonger and including your delivery of artisan cheese to taste along on the evening. Purchase as a gift with our website gift voucher, or book a tasting date for your household.

You can read the reviews from our last live online tasting at the bottom of this page. 



Read the reviews from our November Online Cheese Tasting:

Nov 2020: "Really fun night, totally indulgent and very tasty!!"

Nov 2020: "It was a great concept. We liked the pairing suggestions. There weren't any technical glitches. We liked that it was interactive, we could ask questions and have them answered live on air. The chesses were great, Can't wait to do it again."

Nov 2020: "In lockdown virtual learning can be a chore but this ‘lesson’ certainly isn’t! You learn about the cheese and the producers which makes it feel very Artisanal. Combine date night with Cheese - what more could you want?"

Nov 2020: "Great way to spend some time, tasting delicious cheeses whilst being informed about their origins and manufacture."

Nov 2020: "Enjoyable evening learning about the production of different cheeses. The cheese supplied was generously portioned and we thoroughly enjoyed the recommended wine pairings which we followed exactly! Hero is clearly a cheese expert and kept us entertained with fascinating facts about the history of different cheeses and how they are made. We are now hoping to do the level 2 cheese course!"

Nov 2020: "Gorgeous cheese and a fantastic host. Thank you for such a special evening!"

Nov 2020: "An entertaining evening, with a great selection of cheeses. Perfect for 2 to 3 people!"

Nov 2020: "Very enjoyable evening with clear informative friendly presentation and excellent choice of delicious cheeses"

Nov 2020: "Extremely well organised tasting. Delicious and varied selection of cheeses. Session was presented with skill, enthusiasm and professionalism."

Nov 2020: "The preparation emails were really good, giving drink pairings that were easy to source. Hero was very clear, interesting and answered all the question asked really well. It was also great value for money as there was definitely enough cheese for at least 4 people."

Nov 2020: "We had great fun and learn loads at our virtual cheese-tasting with Hero. We’ve been treating ourselves to Paxton & Whitfield’s ‘mystery’ weekend boxes during lockdown and this was another brilliant way to discover new cheeses."

Nov 2020: "Great selection of cheeses, if staying in is the new going out, and you love cheese, this is an experience you’d want to try."

Nov 2020: "What a great idea! It cheered us up no end during lockdown to be able to attend a fun socially distant event on a Friday evening. It was fun to see everyone else taking part. Hero was very personable and knowledgeable. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much. The types of cheeses were well chosen and the quantities were perfect. It encouraged me to try new cheeses and I really like the idea to support local shops ans cheese makers. Well done ! I will recommend this to any cheese lover I know!"

Nov 2020: "A fascinating insight into how various cheeses are developed. The online method of delivery results in a very relaxed environment to indulge yourself."

Nov 2020: "A great fun evening experience with family or friends who share a love of cheese. A fair price for all the delicious cheeses and interesting to hear the back stories of the producers. We had a wonderful evening. Recommendation - needed some green salad to temper the richness of all that gorgeous cheese."

Nov 2020: "What a fantastic way to spend an hour on a Friday night. The cheese was delicious and we found Hero to be knowledgeable and entertaining. Will be recommending a Paxton and Whitfield online tasting to all cheese lovers!"

Nov 2020: "We enjoyed our cheese tasting, fabulous cheese and it was a fun event to take part in. Thank you."