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Reusable Beeswax Wrap Pack of 5

Reusable beeswax cheese wraps - keeping your cheese fresh naturally. Sustainable and handmade in the UK. 

PLU 836

Key Facts

  • CountryEngland
  • RegionBerkshire

Store & Serve

  • StorageAway from Heat
  • Instructions for useWrap around food and use warmth of your hands to seal

Re-usable Beeswax Cheese Wraps

Made with 100% natural materials and beautiful British beeswax, these wraps are an excellent alternative to plastic clingfilm for your cheese storage and are 100% plastic free.

Perfect for cheese; the natural cotton and beeswax lets the cheese breathe and does not allow it to sweat. The wraps are beautifully tactile to hold and the warmth from your hands will seal them in place around your cheese. See the video link for a demonstration on expert Beeswax cheese wrapping by our cheesemongers! Also perfect for covering dishes in the fridge - for example to cover a dish of leftover grated cheese. 

Designed with patterns inspired by some of our favourite cheese rinds, these wraps are handmade in the UK. Available in this handy combination pack of five, reusable self-sealing wraps, which are sustainable and food safe.

X2 Small - 15cm by 17cm
X2 Medium - 21cm by 21cm
X1 Large - 30cm by 35cm

The wraps are designed for daily use and are fully biodegradable when you are finished with them (they are designed to be replaced after around 12 months of use). Wipe them clean after every use with a cold damp cloth or run under the cold tap and just keep using them again and again; trying to keep dry between uses.

If you do find yours starts to lack a little lustre, just pop it in the oven for a four to five minutes (150c) and the bees wax will start to redistribute (careful it gets rather hot).