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Pitchfork 75g Sample

Pitchfork 75g Sample

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Pitchfork is golden in colour with a mainly smooth, closed texture with the occasional blue vein. It has clean bright flavours, which range from savoury and mustardy to hints of honey with a long finish.

Pitchfork Cheddar is made by brothers Todd and Maugan Trethowan, at Trethowan’s Dairy in Somerset. Most well known for their Gorwydd Caerphilly, they have recently and very successfully branched out into Cheddar production, the farm is just 5 miles from the town of Cheddar itself! Having produced Gorwydd for 18 years in Wales, Trethowan’s Dairy relocated in 2014 to a Somerset dairy farm in order to improve the quality of their cheese and work with the best possible milk supply.

They started making Pitchfork in late 2017. It is an unpasteurised, traditional, organic and cloth-bound West Country cheddar. Despite the cheeses relative youth, Trethowan’s and Pitchfork are part of the Slow Food Artisanal Somerset Cheddar Presidium, an honour only 3 other cheddar makers in the world have been awarded with which is a true testament to its quality.

Won Best Traditional Cheddar at British Cheese Awards 2024

Awarded Gold at British Cheese Awards 2024

2022 Great Taste Award Winner

2019 British Cheese Awards - Best Traditional Cheddar