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Artisan Cheese Advent Calendar 2023

The ultimate advent calendar for cheese lovers. A hand-cut & hand-wrapped taster of artisan cheese in each box. 3 fresh, festive deliveries. Order now to secure yours for Christmas.



The Ultimate Cheese Advent Calendar Experience 

Our 2023 Artisan Advent Cheese Calendar is the ultimate foodie advent calendar to bring a guaranteed smile to the face of cheese lovers for 24 days this December with free UK* delivery!

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers who thoroughly enjoyed their Paxton's Cheese Advent Calendar experience over the last two years, we are thrilled to announce the release of our advent calendar for the third consecutive year. 2023 has been an exciting year so far for Paxtons as we introduced numerous new, exclusive cheeses, and some of these will be showcased in this year's advent calendar. Featuring a delightful assortment of both new and classic cheeses, there will be an abundance of delicious flavours to savour!

Recipients will receive three fresh deliveries of eight hand-cut and hand-wrapped, advent artisan cheese boxes in December. The first advent parcel will be delivered on 30th November, followed by the second on 8th December and the final advent parcel on 15th December. The cheese parcels are packaged with 100% sheep’s wool insulation and reusable icepacks and sent on an overnight, carbon-neutral delivery service for an impressive, fresh arrival.

Our cheesemongers have carefully selected 24 artisan cheeses for a delicious tasting journey - one cheese per day to savour in the run up to Christmas Day. An immersive cheese tasting and learning experience – each individually numbered advent box contains a factsheet with more information about the cheese, its maker and pairing or recipe ideas.

Each Paxton & Whitfield advent box is beautifully presented and fully recyclable, with shredded paper inside and a 75g cut of cheese, hand-wrapped in Paxton & Whitfield wax paper. We’ve selected 75g pieces as the perfect daily amount to enjoy yourself, but also a large enough taster to share if you want to!

This carefully curated cheese advent calendar will feature festive classics such as Gruyere and Stilton, as well as more unusual cheeses from artisan British and European cheesemakers.

Available as a limited edition, order yours today to secure availability. (Due to unprecedented demand last year, we have increased the limited edition)

Please note. Our cheese advent calendar is available for home delivery only and is not available for click & collect from our shops. 

This Cheese Advent is exceptional, delivery perfectly timed, tasting notes informative and fun, the cheese portion is just the right amount to ensure daily enjoyment and the cheeses are phenomenal, varied and flavoursome - Overall highly recommended, I will be having one every year.” Read all of our customers' Cheese Advent Calendar Reviews here

"The packaging is simple and elegant, with a wreath and number printed on a black background. Each of the cheeses is individually wrapped in wax paper with some background on the style and maker, alongside tasting notes and pairing suggestions, inside the lid. It feels luxurious, like a really, really fabulous friend has shipped you some favourite cheeses they selected from the deli, and it reflects the quality of what’s inside." Ella Buchan, The Independent. Read the full review from The Independent Online"

“An absolute delight to come down every morning to open another box of cheese and read the descriptions and paring advice. Thoroughly enjoyable and also educational. We loved it!! ”

A labour of love in putting these cheese boxes together. There were generous portions of each day's cheese, easily enough for two people. A very good mix of different types of cheese, spread out over the 24 days. It was hard not to peek into the next day's box to see what was coming!! And how have I got through life without trying Schneblehorn? a definite new favourite!! Thank you Paxton and Whitfield, you've hit a new high!