Cut Cheese Collections

Cheeses that complement each other beautifully.
  • 1063 - Fromage a Trois

    Classic Trio

    You can't beat a Cheddar, Stilton and Brie combination, and this one is the very best.
    Not for export

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  • 274 - Best Of The West

    Best Of The West

    A balanced collection of artisan cheeses from the lush, productive pastures of Englands West Country.
    Not for export

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  • 183 - The Territorials

    The Territorials

    A popular collection of well-known and well-loved regional British favourites

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  • 230 - Taste of Ireland

    Taste of Ireland

    A selection of cheeses sourced from Ireland, chosen to provide an exciting and well-balanced cheese board.
    Not for export

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  • 620 - The Mighty Bite

    The Mighty Bite

    A collection of very tasty cheeses for those who like powerful flavours
    Not for export

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  • 197 - Perfectly Pasteurised

    Perfectly Pasteurised

    Pasteurised cheeses selected to offer a tasty and interesting range.

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  • 1018 - Strictly Vegetarian

    Strictly Vegetarian

    An enticing selection of vegetarian cheeses.
    Not for export

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  • 268 - French Classics

    French Classics

    Four of the greatest cheeses offered by a country famous for its fine cheese making tradition.
    Not for export

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  • 261 - Truly Great

    Truly Great

    A classic selection of five cheeses designed to make a truly great cheeseboard.
    Not for export

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