Best-selling Christmas cheese and wine hampers

For those of us who love cheese, then Christmas is surely our favourite time of year? It’s when we can almost guarantee the presence of a Christmas cheeseboard at parties and gatherings.  And, of course, it’s when we get to give or receive a very special Paxton & Whitfield cheese hamper!

As always, the planning of our Christmas cheese hamper range began many months ago.  It’s a delight to compile fabulous selections of artisan cheese and fine foods, finding the perfect pairings for you to enjoy.

New cheese hampers

Among the new additions to our Christmas cheese hamper range are The Ultimate Paxton’s Collection, Boxing Day Delights and the Glorious Gluten-Free Hamper. 

The Ultimate Paxton’s Collection (£1,000) The_Ultimate_Paxtons_Collection_600x500_1

This is a truly remarkable selection of cheese and fine food. Comprising more than 30 items, including some of the season’s the most perfect cheeses alongside specially selected wines and port.  You also find a fabulous choice of mouth-watering preserves, a half Wiltshire ham, shredded pork and a host of truffles and oils to compliment. With cheese knives and serving platters included, you’ll be all set to enjoy many cheese feasts with this beautiful cheese hamper. 

Boxing Day Delights (£100) 


This delicious selection has been specially compiled for lighter enjoyment after the main Christmas festivities, though who says you have to wait?  Inside the stylish Paxton & Whitfield gift carton you’ll find crackers, artisan cheeses, chocolate covered Turkish Delight and a bottle of champagne. 

Glorious Gluten-Free Hamper (£100) 


If you’re looking for a gluten-free gift, then this could be the perfect present to give.  Specially compiled to suit people with an intolerance to gluten, it contains 10 delicious items from cheese to crackers, to wine, in an appealing Paxton & Whitfield wooden box. 

Best-selling cheese hampers

You can buy cheese hampers from Paxton & Whitfield year-round. Among our best-sellers are The Mayfair, The St James with Wine Deluxe and The Piccadilly with Wine Deluxe. 

The Mayfair (£500)

This hamper contains some of our most exceptional cheeses, fine foods and accessories, including a Cheddar Truckle, Acacia honey, shredded pork, smoked salmon, Wiltshire ham and sweet treats such as a Wiltshire fruit loaf and Chococo orange and dark chocolate segments. A delight to give and to receive. 

The St James with Wine Delux (£300)

Presented in a lovely Paxton & Whitfield wooden hamper, this collection includes an array of cheese, fine foods, wines and accessories, including attractive slate cheese markers and cheese knives. 

The Piccadilly with Wine Deluxe (£200)

We think of this as an indulgent gift for a true Connoisseur.  Inside you’ll find five delicious cheeses and a sumptuous range of preserves, biscuits and sweet treats alongside five bottles of wine. 

Selecting the perfect Christmas cheese hamper

Browse our range of Christmas cheese hampers or view our selection of cheese gifts to find the perfect treat this festive season. 

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