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A quick and easy weekend night recipe featuring our golden and cripsy Aurum cheese.
Indulge in our tasty twist on a classic Mexican street food recipe with delicious, season St James cheese.
Follow this quick and easy recipe to make a delicious Smoked Haddock and Lincolnshire Poacher Fish Pie
Read this recipe for a quick, easy and delicious lunch dish for one, featuring decadent Truffelperle.
A hunk of strong, crumbly cheddar, some good bread, and a few pickled onions; it’s not haute cuisine, but the Ploughman’s lunch hits the spot.
Comforting baked cheese recipes for Winter days. A quick and easy recipe to bake a heart-shaped cheese using our Camembert Baker.
A delicious and warming recipe, perfect to brighten your blue Monday. Featuring mouth-watering French Fourme d'Ambert.
A quick and easy recipe featuring our delicate and mellow Celtic Capra goat's cheese and Beetroot & Horseradish Chutney, perfect for a cosy winter supper.
We combine Pitchfork Cheddar and Ogleshield (Raclette-style cheese) for this indulgent Mac & Cheese Recipe, enhanced by Black Italian truffles. A perfect comfort dish for Autumn/Winter
A quick and easy indulgent recipe, featuring our exclusive Aurum cheese.
Treat yourselves this Halloween without the sugar and enjoy our warming Gruyere & Ale Fondue for Two - served in a mini Pumpkin or seasonal Squash.
A quick and simple summer recipe featuring our new Barrel Aged cheese, accompanied by our Acacia Honey.
A quick and easy Middle-Eastern inspired recipe, featuring our brand new Aurum cheese.
Inspired by a dish from one of our restaurateurs, we look at baking our Celtic Soft cheese; wrapped in brioche, or puff pastry for a delicious sharing starter.
Simple to bake and delicious served fresh from the oven - oozing with Comté cheese and our fruity confit.

Cheese and Crudités

Inspired by a dish from one of our restaurateurs, we look at cheeses to pair with Summer crudités.
A Paxton & Whitfield twist on traditional Welsh Rarebit. Made with our real ale and cheddar pounder. Read the recipe.
A tasty Easter Cheesecake recipe made with decadent, triple-cream Brillat Savarin. Read the recipe to find out more..
The beauty of traditional Irish Soda Bread is the speed and ease of baking. It takes around 10 minutes to make, 30 minutes to bake and is delicious eaten warm with a scraping of butter. Our St...
Follow the steps for a delicious twist on the traditional Dutch cheese and apple pancake recipe, featuring Old Groendal cheese.
Cook up a romantic fondue for two this Valentine's Day with our simple, yet satisfyingly cheesy fondue recipe.
Follow this mouth-watering risotto recipe, featuring Paxton's exclusive Schebelhorn cheese.
A delicious and easy recipe to follow for cheese lovers at Christmas! Made using artisan Comté Androuet and served with Paxton's fruity Spiced Plum Chutney.
A delicious and comforting recipe, perfect for these cold, dark, autumnal evenings.
Follow this recipe to create your own oozy, baked Mont D'Or with honey and garlic.
A delicious autumnal recipe with seasonal vegetables and mouth-watering Old Groendal cheese.
A delicious dish for Autumn evenings. Try our mushrooms stuffed with creamy Stichelton blue cheese and onions.
A delicious and easy-to-follow recipe to make tasty Gruyere Schnitzels.
Follow this delicious recipe for a quick and easy meal packed full of flavoursome goat's cheese, onion and pesto!
Try this delightful summer salad recipe with Selles Sur Cher cheese, crunchy walnuts and sweet Acacia Honey.
A delicious and easy recipe to follow for cheese-loving Dads! Made using artisan Montgomery's Cheddar and fruity Paxton's Pickle.

BBQ Baron Bigod

A deliciously simple dish for BBQ entertaining. Molten Baron Bigod - an oozy feast of British raw milk cheese as the perfect dip for crusty bread, crackers and crudites.
A twist on a classic, these Stilton Yorkshire Puddings are an amazing addition to your Sunday roast dinner.
A twist on the classic Italian pancake recipe! Savoury pancakes with a cheese and spinach filling - baked in a tomato sauce. Follow to find out more
A delicious and easy recipe to follow for lovers of Cheddar cheese! Made using artisan Montgomery's Cheddar and seasoned with fresh Thyme.
Follow this recipe on how to make this indulgent Mac 'n' cheese with our favourite Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher.
Our go-to comfort dish for Wintery evenings. This Tartiflette recipe is surprisingly simple to make and deliciously satisfying.
Brussels Sprouts have been having a renaissance of late, no longer a fixture of the Christmas dinner table alone. Gone are the days when they were simply boiled, a little bacon and chestnuts added...
A show stopping recipe for a festive dinner party centre piece! Easy to follow and really gives that 'wow' factor!
How to bake your Mont D'or for a perfectly oozy, cheesy starter or seasonal supper
Follow our recipe to enjoy this mouth-watering Celeriac & Montgomery Cheddar Dauphinoise.

Pecorino Pesto

Follow our recipe to make the most delicious Pecorino Pesto.

Summer Baked Tunworth

Follow this recipe to enjoy a delicious baked Tunworth - studded with sundried tomatoes, olives and thyme and served with fresh summer crudities.
Try this decadent and comforting Gougères au Comté recipe for Bastille Day. Deceivingly simple, yet with deliciously impressive results!
Try this Halloumi salad recipe - fabulous to liven up your mid-week salad on summer days. The delicious, creamy taste of our new, Blue Sky British Halloumi-style cheese is beautifully complimented...
A theatrical cheese experience for your dinner party. Pour Champagne into your Langres to impress your guests!
Soak your delicious Fourme d'Ambert in our sweet Monbazillac dessert wine for an incredible cheese board treat
Swap the toasted marshmallows for our BBQ Bath Soft cheese recipe - a tasty supper for Summer evenings.
Deliciously cheesy scones made with our Cheddar Truckle. Perfect for a homemade Father's Day gift or for a cheesy Father's Day Brunch.
A satisfying cheese dish for 'lockdown' - with simple ingredients that can be easily adjusted to suit what you have available.
Follow our recipe to make heavenly Truffled Brie.
Try this warming, autumnal recipe of baked pumpkin, gnocchi and 3 cheeses.
A perfect salad for the end of Summer days - with grilled Halloumi cheese accompanied by ripe cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.
A perfect mid-week meal for a Summer's evening. Try our Feta Cheese Bake recipe using our award-winning Feta Cheese
Make our Summer salad recipe with blue cheese, crunchy honey sunflower seeds and sweet cranberries.

No. 93 Welsh Rarebit

A traditional Welsh Rarebit recipe with the Paxton & Whitfield twist
We’ve come up with some delicious cheese-based vegetarian recipes, ideal for a New Year’s Eve dinner party and for providing the wow factor without the meat overload.
French cuisine , a phrase which brings instant connotations of tradition, indigenous regional recipes and generations handing age old cookery knowhow from one to the next.
Wiltshire Ham, Pear and Parmesan Salad with Poppyseed Dressing
Savoury Baked Camembert
Melted Cerney Goats Cheese, Creamy Leeks with Pinenuts on Rosemary and Raisin Toast
Warm Salad of Celtic Capra cheese with grilled pancetta, watercress, asparagus and a sweet pea and lemon dressing
Irish Cashel Blue, Vanilla Poached Pear with Walnuts and Watercress Salad
Rigatoni Pasta with Chabichou du Poitou, Peppers and Creamed Spinach
Pasta and Brussels Sprouts Bake with Beaufort
Beauvale and Mushroom Risotto
Toasted Turkey and Hubaner Sandwich
Woodland Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan and Brie de Meaux
Garlic Mushrooms and Smoked Poacher Brioche
St Eadburgha and Mushroom Bruschetta with Toasted Pinenuts and Tomato Salsa
Asparagus Risotto with Lemon and Parmesan
Celery and Walnut Rarebit on Toasted Sour Dough Bread
Sweet Potato and Mustard Gratin with Acacia Honey, Stilton and Pancetta

Welsh Rarebit

Welsh Rarebit
Ragstone Goats Cheese with Chargrilled Summer Vegetables and Black Olive Tapenade
Savoury Roast Sweet Pepper and Tomato Fondue
Sainte Maure with Chargrilled Vegetables and Rocket Pesto
Potato and Brie de Meaux Gratin with crispy Pancetta
Reblechon Baked Potato with Wiltshire Ham, Acacia Honey and Parmesan Salad
Rague Beef Lasagne with Pecorino/Berkswell Pesto And Rocket

Goats Cheese Mousse

Goats Cheese Mousse
Celeriac, Stilton & Sage Timbales
Mediterranean Prawns with Leek, Dill and Cornish Yarg Sauce
Blue Cheese and Celery Souffle with Sweet Sauternes
Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Salad
Seared Sea Scallop with Tete de Moine Shavings
Souffle of Roquefort Cheese with Pears
Croustillant of Goats Cheese with Herb Salad and Parsley Oil
Confit of White Meats with Cheddar Cheese