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How to serve your Langres with Champagne

Pouring Champagne into Langres Cheese

An historic cheese experience which has certainly not lost its impact at the dinner table. It is thought that Langres dates back to the Merovingian kings who reigned from about 500 -700AD. The cheese is specially moulded to have a dip in the top for use as a miniature reservoir for local speciality alchohols. 

Langres is made in the Champagne region of France and it is often said "what grows together, go together" - so it makes a perfect pairing with our Paxton's Champagne. 

Paxton's Champagne is specially selected for pairing with cheese. It contains a high percentage of Pinot Noir, yielding a more full-bodied wine which is more capable of matching the full flavours of artisan cheese. Paxton's Champagne is also aged for a minimum of 3 years; the level typically used for ‘vintage’ Champagnes. This gives more body to the wine as it takes on more savoury flavours from the yeast.

Serving Langres with Champagne at your Dinner Table

Pour approx 125ml Champagne from the bottle into the specially-designed dip in the top of your Langres (you may wish to rest your Langres in a bowl to catch the drips).

Your guests will enjoy watching the bubbling cheese! Slice and serve immediately with a chilled glass of champagne. 


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