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Father's Day Welsh Rarebit Recipe

A delicious recipe, perfect for a cheese-loving Dad! We add the Paxton & Whitfield twist to a classic Welsh Rarebit recipe with our No. 93 ale. A simple, yet impressive cheese recipe. Made in minutes and devoured in seconds!



1)  Melt the butter in a thick base saucepan.
2)  Add the finely chopped onion.
3)  Sweat the onion for 4 minutes over a low heat.
4)  Add the plain flour and stir to combine.
5)  Pour in the Real Ale and cheese and heat gently until it thickens (do not boil).
6)  Add Worcestershire Sauce to taste.
7)  Lightly toast the bread and pour the rarebit mixture on top.
8)  Grill until golden and serve with a glass of the remaining Real Ale.



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