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British Cheese Awards 2022

Last week our Managing Director James Rutter, Head of Retail, Hero Hirsh and our Cheese Buyer, Dan Bliss headed to Bath for the annual British Cheese Awards 2022. The British Cheese Awards are a prestigious event that takes place annually, attracting cheese makers from across the UK and Ireland. Juliet Harbutt founded the event in 1994 and in 2015, the Royal Bath & West Society took over.


During the British Cheese Awards, over 800 cheeses are judged by a team of experts, who will determine which cheeses are category winners and ultimately decide who is named 'Supreme Champion’.


This year's Supreme Champion was David Jowett's delicious Ashcombe. Created during lockdown, this nutty and savoury, Morbier-style cheese has already won so many awards including: 'Best New Cheese', 'Best Farmhouse Cheese', 'Best English Cheese', 'Best Washed Rind Cheese' AND 'Overall Supreme Champion' at the 2021 Melton Artisan Cheese Fair. It is clear that Ashcombe is a well-deserving award winner and we congratulate David on creating such a divine British cheese! 


 Here are just four of the fantastic award-winners from our cheese counters that won at these 2022 awards; proving their well-deserved place as 'best British cheeses'! Taste one of the 2022 award-winners...

Supreme Champion


Best Traditional Cheddar

Pitchfork Cheddar


Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Best Export

Gorwydd Caerphilly

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